Menghadapi Stigma MOOI INDIË

Aulia Rahma

Menghadapi Stigma MOOI INDIË

The single exhibition of Bunawijaya artists officially opened on Tuesday (19/12/2017) night at the National Gallery, Jakarta. The exhibition entitled Stiga Mooi Indie featured 47 paintings by Bunawijaya. Bunawijaya can be regarded as one of the artists who consistently work without a dominant belief. Although mooi indie works still present deep meaning about nature and various other aspects of human life.

The works displayed will represent the development of Bunawijaya as an artist. From the start of the scenery of nature that is all green and beautiful until the landscape painting began to talk about the sea. Engineering exploration will also be more visible in the works.

This exhibition will be held for less than a month. The exhibition will end on January 5, 2018. For those of you who are interested, can come without spending a dime. This exhibition will be cut off Christmas and New Year holidays.

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