Pasar Baru is the oldest shopping center in Jakarta built in the early 1800s. Located near Lapangan Banteng and Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, this shopping street was, in its heydays, the exclusive haunt of the colonial elite. Today, Pasar Baru is passable only for pedestrians. The textile shops owned by Indian Bombay merchants are still there attracting their regular clientele looking for Indian silks, brocades and a variety of textiles at reasonable prices.

Pasar Baru is also popular with owners and operators of beauty salons all over Indonesia since here you can find almost anything a salon may need, from shampoos, lotions, to special scissors and hair dryers. Besides there are shoes and clothes at sales prices.

After a tiring stroll, stop at the nostalgic Bakmi Gang Kelinci for some of Jakarta’s most popular bowl of noodles and meatballs.

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Community Markets
Central Jakarta
Jl. KH. Samanhudi Central Jakarta

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