This is another heritage building formerly owned by a Chinese major called, Khouw Kim An during the periods 1910-1916 and 1927-1942. Built in the 19th century Candranaya is located at Jalan Gajah Mada no.188.

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West Jakarta
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Related Places

  • The Sunda Kelapa Harbor

    Sunda Kelapa is the port that has been active ever since the 12th century and was the beginning of the present metropolitan city of Jakarta. The Netherlands succeeded to colonize Batavia for three centuries. In 1970 the old name of Kalapa was again used and the name of port reverted to Sunda Kelapa. It is now the harbor for inter-island traditional boats.

  • National Archives Building

    This elegant building at Jalan Gajah Mada used to be the 18th century residence of the Governor Generals of the VOC –the Dutch East India Company. Later it became the office of the Department of mining and then the National Archives or LandsArchief. In1992, the building was renovated and became a national heritage.

    Today it is a Museum and can be used as venue for elegant events and exhibitions.

  • Kota Railway Station

    Locals call this the Beos station, from its original Dutch name the Batavia En Omstreken (Batavia and Surroundings) railway. The Station was built by Dutch Architect, Frans Ghijsels in 1870 and became a cultural heritage through Ordinance from the Jakarta Governor in 1993.