Most often used for Meetings and Exhibitions, the JCC, located in the heart of Senayan, often hosts celebrity concerts. It has a large round Plenary Hall that can accommodate 5,000 people, and large exhibition halls that together cover over 11,000 square meters.

Important Information

Conventions & Exhibitions
South Jakarta
62-21) 5726000
Balai Sidang Jakarta/ Jakarta Convention Center, Jl. Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta

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  • Jun 24 2015 to Jun 28 2015
    ICRA (Interior and Craft)

    Dengan mengusung tema “CRAFTivity”, ICRA

    kali ini bertujuan untuk mengobarkan semangat

    craftsmanship melalui kreativitas, di mana

    kretivitas itu kemudian menghasilkan beragam


    With “CRAFTivity” as the theme, this year’s ICRA is

    aimed to ignite the craftsmanship through creativity

    to produce a wide range of beautiful products.

    Penyelenggara | organized by : WAKENI

    Contact Person :

    Kantor : +6221 57992729

    Yongky : +62821 23655737

    Ria : +62857 81290231

    Neni : +62813 83431296

    10 day(s) ago

  • Jun 3 2015 to Jun 7 2015
    Indobuildtech Expo Jakarta 2015

    Acara ini menampilkan beragam mesin, peralatan,

    otomotif, teknologi, dan jasa terkini di bidang

    konstruksi bangunan.

    This exhibition will showcase a wide range of the latest

    products and constructions of buildings, machines,

    equipment, automotive, technology and services.

    Penyelenggara |

    organized by : Debindo

    T : +6221 8309716,+6221 8310656

    F : +6221 8293680,+6221 8313073

    31 day(s) ago

  • Apr 8 2015 to Apr 12 2015
    INACRAFT 2015 : The 17th Jakarta Handicraft Trade Fair

    The number of artisans-new crafters with innovation and creativity of new products, is a proof that the craft industry in Indonesia has begun to reveal its potential. INACRAFT contribute to shade and facilitate local craft products to be able to rise to a higher level in terms of both commercial and aesthetic terms.


    87 day(s) ago

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